‚Ä£ How/where do I pickup my order?
Directly at our warehouse! * Appointment required.
See our General Pickup Hours / Get Directions.

‣ When can I expect to pickup my fresh mushrooms?
Each fresh mushroom order is harvested prior to pickup to ensure optimal taste, texture and storage.
* NOTE: If you've just placed your order for local pickup, please allow 24 hours before fulfillment. We will reachout to you.

‣ What are pre-orders?
Pre-orders are reserved freshly cultivated inventory or handmade products - It's YOURS before it's grown/made!
* NOTE: Each product listing that states *pre-order* will denote our pickup window within the listing itself. 

‚Ä£ Is your inventory up to date?
Yes- Our mushrooms are harvested 2x per week and inventory is updated same day.
Any items listed online, and aren't 'sold out' are available to purchase.

‚Ä£ What items do you ship?
Bulk Substrates, Dried Mushrooms, Grow Kits, Extracts, Mushroom Cultures, Ramen Blends, Backpacking Meals and Grain Spawn.
* NOTE: Fresh Mushrooms are NOT eligible for shipping.
See our product specific Shipping Policy.

‚Ä£ How do I place a bulk order of fresh mushrooms?
Please submit your order request via email to: Stavi@nmfungi.com.

‣ What is processing time? Which products will require some wait?
Our handmade products are made to order and taken into consideration with our weekly production volume. That being said, some products require extra processing time for us to fulfill under the same sterile conditions.
* ~1 week Processing for Agar Plates, Bulk Substrates, Grain Spawn
* ~2 week Processing for Mushroom Cultures

‚Ä£ What is your refund policy?
On the rare occasion that an issue may occur, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
* Must contact within 48 hours of receipt to report contamination/damages/loss.
See our product specific Refund Policy.

‚Ä£ What payment methods do you accept?
Credit/Debit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Electronic: Google Pay, Venmo & CashApp (@nmfungi)

‣ How do I setup 1:1 consultation regarding my home grow, lab time, or specific mycological inquiry?
Request a 1:1 consultation with Stavi, Urban Mushroom Farmer/Owner at NM Fungi.

‚Ä£ I don't know how to cook mushrooms! What do I do?
See our Mushroom Taste Guide for taste profiles, pairings and recommendations with our various gourmet species! Also, checkout our Pinterest with links to delicious mushroom recipes!

For most recipes - we'd recommend a simple high temp sauté with olive oil to sear the exterior, followed by a low temp simmer with butter and a dash of salt/pepper/rosemary!

‚Ä£ Can you teach me how to grow mushrooms?
Yes - We proudly offer our Hands-On Master's Mushroom Grow Course on a quarterly basis in-person at our urban farm. Formerly 'Medicinal Mushroom Grow Course,' we wanted to clarify that we teach participants how to cultivate ALL types of gourmet + medicinal species (from Lion's Mane to Oysters)!

Stay tuned for upcoming course dates!

‚Ä£ Can you help me identify mushrooms if I send you a photo?
No- It is not a best practice for us as a business to approve or identify foraged species we did not personally harvest. We encourage you to use the masses of resources available and self-educate with regional mushroom field guides.
Do not consume foraged fungi without identifying it first.

Some useful guides we recommend in the Mountain-West: All the Rain Promises & More, The Essential Guide to Rocky Mountain Mushrooms, National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms.