About Us

The NM Fungi Mushroom Farm is nested between the Northeast Heights and Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. We proudly offer a seasonal rotation of 12 gourmet and medicinal mushrooms including: Oysters (Black Pearl, Blue, Golden and Pink), Chestnut, Lion's Mane, Maitake, Shiitake, Enoki, Reishi and Turkey Tail, all while observing organic growing practices.

Our Mission: To feed, support and empower our local communities to learn the history, health benefits, & applications of fungi.

Our mushrooms are cultivated year-round in a controlled indoor fruiting chamber and harvested fresh weekly!

🍄 Meet the dream team who makes it happen!

Estevan Hernandez | 👨‍🌾 Owner, Master Grower & Sr. Mycologist
'The Man Behind the Mushrooms' | With over 11 years of curiosity, research and experience cultivating fungi - Estevan takes pride in offering the healthiest and happiest mushrooms in New Mexico. Mycology is truly his passion, as he personally ensures the vitality of each culture transfer and production block at our farm. Host of the Master's Mushroom Grow Course, New Mexico's first community course offering teaching how to cultivate fungi at-home.

Danisha Danae | 💹 Co-Owner, Creative Consultant & Marketing Director
Danisha has over a decade of experience in brand/website development, creative publishing, marketing/social media management, networking and project leadership. Former Office Assistant and Project Coordinator at local ABQ non-profit Global1to1 - She is well versed in the small business/grassroots sector in New Mexico. She supports NM Fungi by being our stellar online community liaison, creative consultant and marketing director.

Adrian Casaus | 🌠 Wholesale & Quality Production Manager
Adrian joined us at NM Fungi in April 22' with a wealth of experience in large scale mushroom farming at Matt's Mushroom Farm. He is the backbone of weekly grow tent production and harvest, quality control and order preparation. Adrian also supports us in scaling operations to meet demands with restaurant, retail and 1:1 sales. 

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