Master's Mushroom Grow Course

Learn how to cultivate mushrooms with us @nmfungi 🍄 

FEBRUARY 2023  |  Sat. February 4th (2pm-5pm)  &  Sun. February 5th (2pm-6pm)

This on-site course recurs on a quarterly basis at our urban farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
About: Our comprehensive course will provide you with all of the information and hands-on experience you need to start growing your own mushrooms!

Hosted by NM Fungi Owner and Sr. Mycologist, Estevan Hernandez, who has been cultivating mycelium and mushrooms for over 11 years. He has learned from some of the industries finest instructors and growers, and strives to raise the local standard and create access for high-quality mushrooms in New Mexico.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to Fungi
  • Key Species, Benefits & Requirements
  • Stages of Cultivation
  • Spores: Working with Agar and Prints
  • Grain Spawn: Expansion and Inoculation
  • Bulk Substrates and Blends
  • Mycelial Expansion and Fruiting Conditions
  • Advanced Techniques: Live Tissue Cloning & Spore Germination
  • Home Setup
  • Sourcing Materials and Supplies
  • Foraging Local Species

Materials included with ticket purchase:

  • Still Air Box
  • One Grow Kit 
  • One Live Tissue Culture
  • Printed Master's Course Presentation
Additionally, each student receives one free 30-minute Private Consultation regarding their home grow operation with Instructor, Estevan Hernandez. Use of consultation does not expire.

    For more information, please feel free to contact us!