Flavorful Fungi Cooking Classes w/ @TheSproutingKitchen

Flavorful Fungi Cooking Classes in partnership with @TheSproutingKitchen 
Collaborative Cooking Classes, Team-Building Experiences & Ingredient Kits!
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About: Together we learn and practice basics techniques for prepping/cooking mushrooms, choosing mushrooms (nutritional content), what to pair mushrooms with (taste profiles), and how to store them.

This class is all about mushrooms! Mushrooms host a slew of health benefits - from being anti-oxidant rich and immune-boosting, to potentially protecting against dementia and neurodegeneration. You’ll hear from NM Fungi Owner & Master Grower, Stavi, about why mushrooms are nutrient-dense and great for us AND the earth!

Dishes prepared feature a variety of our @NMFungi locally grown gourmet varieties including: Oysters (Black Pearl, Blue, Golden and Pink) and Lion's Mane! 

Checkout photos from our recent events!



1. Lion's Mane Crabcakes prepared with @NMFungi gourmet mushrooms!
2. Participants have the table set to prep while Stavi educates on chopping & cooking with Lion's Mane + Oyster varieties! 
3. The lovely Franchesca, one of our participants- pretty in pink matching one of our oysters!
4. Lion's Mane Crabcakes cooking on cast-iron for that perfect toast + sear!

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