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Proudly offering the highest quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to Albuquerque and our surrounding communities.

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Fungi Friends: Restaurants and Retail

We'd like to thank all of our Local Partners for featuring our mushrooms:
Gambei Wellness & Sanctuary CafeSilver Street Market, Vernon's Speakeasy & Cafe 6855The Rail Yards Market ABQ, and Debajo Tapas y Vino!
These partnerships make it possible to provide our communities direct access to our gourmet and medicinal mushroom varieties.

NM Fungi is in tune with the heartbeat of the 505, and we are eager to connect with local businesses!
Is your restaurant or retail store interested in stocking our gourmet or medicinal toadstools? Be sure to contact us for wholesale pricing! 🤍


"Excellent service, excellent selection. 🍄"

Justin A., Rail Yards Market Customer

"Best dang 🍄 you can get!"

Sarah P., Rail Yards Market Customer

"Five ⭐ Review - Tried this first batch of mushrooms; AMAZING flavor and wonderful texture. This farm is going to be amazing for all of us!"

Elena P., NM Fungi Customer

"I love what you guys do! Best mushrooms ever!"

Laura C., NM Fungi Customer

"I purchased some mushrooms here to try something different cooking. Awesome service and tasty mushrooms!"

Leonard W., NM Fungi Customer

"Got some Lions Mane to make meatless chicken nuggets and my kids loved them and didn’t even notice they weren’t meat. So good and pretty too. Yum 😋"

Amaris B., NM Fungi Customer

"Great classes, excellent assortment!"

Dominic O., Mushroom Grow Course Participant