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The Finest Fungi in the 505

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@nmfungi is New Mexico's 1st #NMTRUE Certified Mushroom Farm!

New Mexico's 1st #NMTrue Certified Urban Mushroom Farm

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"I love what you guys do! Best mushrooms ever!"

Laura C., NM Fungi Customer

I haven't tasted better mushrooms.....ever! They are so fresh and I look forward to tasting more varieties. Albuquerque is lucky to have Estevan's expertise!

Nancy D., NM Fungi Customer

We sautΓ©ed Blue Oyster 'shrooms recently. They were absolutely delicious! When we got them they were big and healthy looking and perfectly clean. Estevan does a superb job of cultivating and tending to his crops.

Thomas H., NM Fungi Customer

"I purchased some mushrooms here to try something different cooking. Awesome service and tasty mushrooms!"

Leonard W., NM Fungi Customer

"Excellent service, excellent selection. πŸ„"

Justin A., Rail Yards Market Customer

"Got some Lions Mane to make meatless chicken nuggets and my kids loved them and didn’t even notice they weren’t meat. So good and pretty too. Yum πŸ˜‹"

Amaris B., NM Fungi Customer

"Best dang πŸ„ you can get!"

Sarah P., Rail Yards Market Customer

"Five ⭐ Review - Tried this first batch of mushrooms; AMAZING flavor and wonderful texture. This farm is going to be amazing for all of us!"

Elena P., NM Fungi Customer

"Great classes, excellent assortment!"

Dominic O., Mushroom Grow Course Participant